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Ophthalmic Drapes
We deal in best quality Ophthalmic Drapes, which are easily disposable. These are primarily used for covering of body parts, when an eye surgery is on. Their design ensure comfort & safety of patients.
ENT Drapes
ENT Drapes provide infection control and boost the efficiency of operation rooms. These are offered with many procedure-specific designs so as to ensure an effective fluid control.
Ortho Drapes
Ortho Drapes ensure added protection and have a make of heavy-duty fabric. They can necessarily evade drape layering and have been exclusively made for providing convenience in the management of fluid.
Gynae Drapes
Gynae Drapes are the light-weight and skin friendly medical products. These are necessary for all fluid management process and bring ease and efficiency in the gynecological procedures.
Dental Drapes
Dental drapes in the offering includes one-time use as well as reusable drapes which are used during surgical processes. These are sheets which are used to cover all surrounding parts other than one that needs to be treated.
Disposable Cannula Needle
The Disposable Cannulas have sharp designs, which ensure to boost the comfort of users. These medical grade products have been completely verified on several parameters and run into all standards of hygiene.
Reusable Cannula
Our range of sterilized Reusable Cannulas are offered with size options of 0.3mm, 30 mm and 7 mm. These are made from steel as well as non toxic grade plastic. Offered are suited for several types of surgical applications such as liposuction, tissue transfer and others.
Ophthalmic Diagnostic Strips
We provide packaged boxes, each of which contain ophthalmic diagnostic strips individually wrapped in pouches. There are offered in four different colors, indicating specific use of every color marked strip.
Ophthalmic Eye Drapes
Whether its ophthalmic, neurological and any other above-the-shoulder surgery, professionals require drapes for the patient comfort and reduced risk of transmission of airborne bacteria. Ophthalmic eye drapes are utility items in the eye surgeries.